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ACR88 Software Development Kit (Handheld Portable Smart Card Reader)

ACR88 Software Development Kit (Handheld Portable Smart Card Reader)


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The ACR88 Software Development Kit (ACR88 SDK) enables effective development of customized applications and systems by using smart cards, card readers, and PCs. It can serve as an ideal training and development tool for those who are interested in knowing smart card technologies.

ACR88 SDK Contents

Smart Card Reader

ACR88 Handheld Portable Smart Card Reader

Test Cards

5 ACOS3 Microprocessor-based Smart Cards

5 ACOS6 SIM-sized Microprocessor-based SAM Smart Cards


1 Serial firmware upgrade cable (For firmware upgrade only)

1 Detachable USB cable

1 Leather case for ACR88


Sample Applications – These demo programs showcases the wide range of applications where ACR88, e.g. e-purse, healthcare card

  •   Functional Demo
  •   Multi-Application Demo
  •   Taxi Stand-alone Demo
  •   Traffic Violation Stand-alone Demo

Sample Codes

  •   Borland Delphi 7
  •   MS Visual Basic 6.0
  •   MS Visual Basic .NET
  •   MS Visual C#
  •   MS Visual C++ 6.0

Tools & Utilities

  •   Card Tool
  •   PC/SC Learning Tool
  •   Quick View
  •   ACR88 ScriptBuilder
  •   Smartflash

User Manuals and Reference Materials

  •   ACR88 SDK User Manual
  •   ACR88 Reference Manual
  •   ACR88 API Reference Manual
  •   ACR88 CCID Memory Card Access
  •   ACR88 Scripting Language Manual
  •   ACR88 Technical Specification
  •   ACOS3 Reference Manual
  •   ACOS6 SAM Reference Manual

SDK OS Support

Windows © 98, ME, 2000, XP