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ACR88 Smart Card Reader

ACR88 Smart Card Reader



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ACR88 is a versatile handheld portable smart card reader, with built-in keypad, LCD, bi-color LED and buzzer features. It can also host the feature of non-volatile memory to give better support to your system. In addition, its onboard memory enables future firmware and application enhancements that guarantee against obsolescence.

ACR88 is a line of secured electronic devices of pocket size designed primarily for multi-application (e.g.: loyalty, healthcare). It is capable of performing secure authentication, displaying rich information from the card, and conducting both online or offline transaction.

ACR88 is user-programmable through the ACR88 ScriptBuilder. Users can now quickly build their own standalone applications according to easy-to-use and well-defined script commands provided by ACS. These eliminate both the need to program the device in lower level languages, and the need to deal with development and other hardware platform dependent issues! With ACR88, you can have full rein on realizing the limitless possibilities that your application would bring.


Dual operation modes:
o PC-linked: powered through USB
o Standalone: powered through 3x AAA batteries

  • Accepts 3 V and 5V cards: two full-size cards and 3 SAM cards
  • Supports PPS (Protocol and Parameters Selection) up to 115,200 bps in reading and writing smart cards
  • Ergonomic and highly durable keypad
  • Easy-to-read, graphical LCD with backlight
  • Monotone buzzer with software controlled ON/OFF
  • 3 bi-color LEDs
  • Real-time clock (RTC) with independent backup battery
  • Field upgradeable for firmware (requires a firmware upgrade cable)
  • User Programmable for standalone mode by using easy-to-use script commands
  • Supports Secure PIN Entry (SPE)
  • Tamper detection switch that acts as an indicator if there are any unauthorized intrusions
  • Hand-held size and weight
  • (Optional) Additional non-volatile memory for multilingual font storage
  • CCID compatible
  • EMV 2000 v4.0 Level 1
  • CE and FCC
  • RoHS Compliant
  • ISO 7816
  • PC/SC
  • Microsoft ® WHQL

Tech Specs

Operating voltage: 3.3V
Operation mode: PC-Linked and Standalone
PC-Linked mode: automatically switch to USB bus power, always ON
Standalone mode: automatically switch to 3 x AAA-size battery power, soft ON/OFF switch Power consumption: Less than 100mA (excluding card power) in standalone mode
Backup battery: Independent backup battery (1 x CR2032) for RTC

Smart Card Interface
Standard: ISO-7816 Class A, B (5V, 3V), T=0 and T=1
Supply current: max. 60mA
Smart card read / write speed: 9,600-115,200 bps (primary/secondary slot)
CLK frequency: 3.58 MHz
Card connector type: Landing/ Contact ((primary/secondary slot)
Card insertion cycles: min. 300,000 / min 100,000 (primary/secondary slot)
Short circuit protection: +5V / GND on all pins

SAM Card Interface
Card connector type: Contact
Smart card read / write speed: 9,600 bps
Location: Under the removable grey lid, please refer to the photo on the last page

Universal Serial Bus Interface
USB Cable: USB 1.1 Full Speed, 12 Mbps, detachable
Power Source: from USB