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BL-D40 External Sounder

BL-D40 External Sounder


The BL-D40 External Sounder is compatible with the AC-x31, ACx32,
AC-x41, and AC-x42 series of standalone controllers. It is designed to
operate indoors and is installed within the premises. The sounder can
be powered by 16 VAC or by a 12–24 VDC power supply.

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The BL-D40 is capable of emitting four different types of alerts both
audible and visual – Bell, Door Chime, Siren, and Strobe Light.
 The bell always sounds when the controller’s doorbell button is
 The door chime can be programmed to sound whenever the
controller unlocks the door. The door chime does not sound when
the REX button is used to open the door.
 The siren can be programmed to sound when the case of the
controller is opened or when the controller is removed from the
wall. The controller can also program the length of the siren.
 The LED on the BL-D40 turns on when there is a bell or door
chime. If there is a siren, it flashes as long as the tamper switch is
activated or opened.


The controller communicates with the BL-D40 using a coded
proprietary Rosslare communications protocol. This provides a more
secure link between the controller and the BL-D40. If the BL-D40
receives any unrecognized codes on its communication line or
communication between the controller and the BL-D40 is severed, the
strobe flashes repeatedly until the communication problem is resolved.


Electrical Characteristics
Maximum Input Current(@12 V): Standby: 11 mA / Max: 100 mA

Operating Voltage Range 16 VAC from a transformer 12 to 24 VDC from a regulated power
supply (linear type recommended)

Audio Output Three types of audible output:
 Bell
 Door Chime
 Siren

Environmental Characteristics
Environment: Indoor
Operating Temperature Range: -31°C to 63°C (-25°F to 145°F)
Operating Humidity Range: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)

Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (L x W x H) 122 x 75 x 24 mm (4.8 x 3.0 x 0.9 in.))
Weight 120 g (4.2 oz)