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AY-F66 Outdoor PIN & Proximity Reader with Time/Date LED Display

AY-F66 Outdoor PIN & Proximity Reader with Time/Date LED Display


The AY-F66 supports multiple proximity card and keypad formats
providing a high level of compatibility and connectivity with host controllers.

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The AY-F66 is one of a highly sophisticated proximity card and keypad readers
developed by Rosslare. Made from the most durable and resilient materials,
the AY-F66’s sturdy casing is built to withstand harsh outdoor weather
environments. The AY-F66 is packed with features such as an integrated 7-
segment time and date display, tamper detection feature, and an internal


AY-F66 outdoor Proximity & PIN reader is
designed with a focus on high quality and reliability.
The unit is easy to install and operate.
The time and date display makes this reader ideal for
access control and Time and Attendance control
systems. It is suitable for either indoor or outdoor
Versatile and user friendly, the unit can be
programmed to transmit proximity card data in
Wiegand 26-Bit, Clock & Data, or Wiegand Card Plus
PIN formats.
The backlit keypad can also be programmed to output
eight different data formats. Time and date may be
programmed either locally or by compatible controllers
through an RS-485 interface.


 6-digit, red color, 7-segment LED display
 Time display format HH:MM:SS
 Various date formats
 Time and date programming locally or by host
system, using RS-485 and AC-115 or AC-
215/225/525 communication interface
 Installation kit included
 Internal buzzer provides audible interface feedback
 Built-in backlit keypad
 Tough, UV-resistant, water-resistant casing

 Programmable keypad transmission formats
 Built-in optical back tamper
 Tamper output and LED control input
 Programmable facility code
 Built-in 125 KHz ASK type EM RFID proximity
 Programmable proximity card transmission formats:
Clock and Data, Wiegand 26-bit, Wiegand Card
Plus PIN