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AC-A42 Indoor Single-Door Stand-alone PIN & Prox Controller

AC-A42 Indoor Single-Door Stand-alone PIN & Prox Controller


The AC-A42 is compatible with
Rosslare’s door control systems
and access control accessories,
including: indoor egress buttons,
power supply units, and standalone
PIN plus proximity

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AC-A42 is one of a highly sophisticated line of stand-alone controllers, ideal for
residential and commercial access applications. The controller accepts up to 500 users and
provides entry via the use of proximity cards and/or PIN codes.
The attractively designed AC-A42 is easy to program and easy to use. This advanced standalone
controller is packed with features such as eight auxiliary modes, multiple user levels
and modes of operation, and back and case tamper protection.


Whether you run a business or residence, managing
time and budget are important to your success.
Rosslare’s 500-user AC-A42 is both time and cost
efficient, with all modes of security controlled by one
attractive standalone device.
The AC-A42 can be configured in eight different
combinations for optimum usability in different
applications. For ease of use, a locally programmed
Code Search feature that eases the maintenance of
user codes is included.
The unit, which is US Gang box mount compatible,
contains two tri-colored LEDs, a built-in proximity
reader, a keypad for PIN code entry and an internal
buzzer to notify the user when a key is pressed.


Main Features
• Advanced stand-alone 500-user controller
• Access via proximity card or PIN codes
• Compatible with all 26-Bit EM proximity cards
or tags
• Two tri-colored LED and buzzer indicators
• Lock strike and auxiliary relay outputs
• Input for Request to Exit (REX) button
• Internal case tamper detector
• Supplied with a security screw, security screw
tool, wall mount screws and a mounting

• Offers eight auxiliary modes, including:
Door ajar, Forced door, Shunt, Door
monitor, Normal/secure
• Three user levels:
Normal, Secure, Master
• Three operational modes:
Normal, Bypass, Secure
• Built-in 125 KHz ASK type
EM RFID proximity reader
• Bell, chime, siren and strobe
when used with the BL-D40