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SA-21 Wired Vibration Detector

SA-21 Wired Vibration Detector


The SA-21 sensor is compatible with Rosslare’s hardwired control panels:
AuraSys P-6
AuraSys L-2/K, L-4/K, L-6 and other third-party intrusion panels.

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SA-21 is a sophisticated high-performance indoor hardwired vibration detector, ideal for residential, commercial, and institutional applications, as well as for paintings and art objects. With its small size, the SA-21 can be secured at any location and remain inconspicuous.


The SA-21 vibration detector is an indispensable component in any security system.
The vibration detector uses a special algorithm to monitor the area at all times, while preventing false alarms or random events. By performing self-calibration, the user is assured of reliable and precise operation at all times. Other features include a Walk Test and tamper event reporting.


 Ultra bright LED
 Back and cover tamper detection and reporting
 Low battery alert