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MD-N32 RS-232 to TCP/IP Gateway

MD-N32 RS-232 to TCP/IP Gateway


The MD-N32 is compatible With Rosslare’s controllers AC-215, AC-115, Fingerprint Reader AYC-W6500, as well as intrusion alarm panels AuraSys and HomeLogiX.

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MD-N32 is a powerful, high performance gateway designed to send and receive information between varied pc-managed access control system products via a LAN or WAN, thus saving on serial cabling installation. Integrally compatible with the AxTraxNG software, the MD-N32 gateway packs advanced features such as ping, search on LAN, variable baud rate, data type, MAC/IP address, and communication parameters. One unit can handle multi-door sub-networks (RS-485/232) connected via TCP/IP to the AxTraxNG server.
The MD-N32 gateway delivers simple, reliable, and cost-effective network connectivity for multiple serial devices.


MD-N32 Gateway is designed with a focus on high quality and reliability as our top priority.
As a compact plug-in module, the MD-N32 easily connects to most products without modification. The module receives serial communication, converts it to TCP/IP format, and sends it over the LAN or WAN to the PC. From the other end, communications are sent from the PC over the network and convert back into serial format in the device.
All setting and configuration is done using the AS-IP01 Configuration Tool PC software or directly from the AxTraxNG when connected to Rosslare’s AC-215, AC-225, or AC-425 (see the manuals for instructions). Once the module is configured, the information is saved in non-volatile memory inside the module.
The MD-N32 is easy to install and is ideal for applications requiring serial port environments and network device management.


 Universal RS-232 to TCP/IP gateway for general use
 Supports DHCP dynamic IP addressing
 +12 VDC jack power input connector
 RS-232 speed from 1200 bps to 230.4 Kbps
 Bi-directional conversion of RS-232 to TCP/IP
 Powered by external 12 V wall adapter type power supply
 Enables Ethernet networking for AC-115 and AC-215, AC-225, or AC-425 panels
 Configurable using dedicated software utility or directly using AxTraxNG software, AYC-W6500 as well as intrusion alarm panels AuraSys and HomeLogiX.