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PVC blank white cards

PVC blank white cards


Classic blank white cards, in PVC, can be used with all Evolis card printers and provide high image quality.

  • Ideal support for outstanding printouts
  • Compliant with ISO CR-80 standards: Length: 85.6mm and width: 54mm
  • Classic blank line available in two thicknesses: 20 MIL and 30MIL blank
  • PVC cards lifespan: 2 to 3 years minimum
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Quality and reliability

PVC blank white cards allows a very good quality of prints. Their even and flat surface ensure flawless moves under the print head (minimizing the risk of damage) and printouts with vivid colors and well-defined barcodes.

The quality of the cards allows a printing quality and a good readability of specific elements (texts, barcodes…), additionally, as the cards are in PVC, they are flexible but very resistant and solid.

They are delivered in the dust-free box to help you get a better print quality. The packaging by 100 cards help to maintain the cards away from the dust.


Storage information

Avoid dust, direct sunlight, high humidity and high temperatures. Do not place near solvent or other chemicals.