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AC-225-E / AC-225-IPE Advanced Scalable Networked Access Controller

AC-225-E / AC-225-IPE Advanced Scalable Networked Access Controller


 Up to 30,000 users with access rights for every panel, across optional 4092 modular doors in a system
 20,000, FIFO, history event log, when offline
 Full intelligent logic interconnection of inputs, outputs, readers, and more
 Onboard TCP/IP networking (AC-225IP version)
 Panel supports both 1-door (In/Out) and 2-door (In/Out, In/In and Out/Out) configurations
 Real-time clock keeps time for up to 2 weeks without power (no batteries to replace)
 Cable cut tamper detection function for readers, and cover tamper detection for the enclosure
 Pre-installed enclosure components:
 Transformer, dual power supply/charger unit for panel and lock devices
 Sounder unit
 Space for a 7 AH SLA backup battery
 Tamper switch


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The single/dual door AC-225 networked access controller is the backbone of medium scale security systems handling up to 30,000 users and 4092 doors. Driven by Rosslare’s powerful and flexible software, the system provides an ideal modular and expandable solution for commercial and institutional needs. It provides seamless integration with Rosslare’s range of RFID Proximity, PIN, PROX & PIN, smart card, and biometric readers with Rosslare’s selection of RFID credentials.


AC-225 is suitable for applications with up to 30,000 users across a modular 4092 doors, allowing maximum flexibility for securing a growing enterprise.
Each AC-225 access control unit (ACU) supports two readers (In/Out) of various formats including standard Wiegand 26-Bit. Installations can also have one reader per door.
The AC-225 is ready for installation with a mountable and lockable metal enclosure integrated with a transformer, power supply/charger, sounder, and control board.


 Based on SQL Express 2005 database
 Each ACU subnet, consisting of up to 32 ACUs, can be connected to a PC running the AxTraxNG™ server PC software
 Enables management of user data, photo with custom fields, access rights, alarms, strike times, and door modes, from a central location
 Produces reports from acquired data, such as entry and exit times, and by alarm type with filters for user(s), location, and time
 Available in a large selection of languages