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The Evolis High Trust® label

AP02 Android Pos Terminal



AP02 Android Pos Terminal

1. Support GSM 2G/3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS

2. With 3.75V low-power printer, longer endurance

3. With 1.5W high power speaker

4. Innovative, all-in-one design, highly recognizable

5. Expandable storage, no need cleaning cache

6. With fixed-focus camera, for identify QR code

7. Integrated sensors, for environment self-adaptation and better user experience

Mobile Computer



  • High performance
  • Wireless communication
  • Ergonomic, compact, durable

OS-214 plus


● 203dpi  resolution model available
● Centronics Parallel, RS-232, USB and interfaces available
● Durable and easy maintenance

Portable Terminal


The PT-20 series portable data Terminal (PDT) is well suited for a variety of portable applications.
It has a built-in CCD scanning engine that can scan all popular bar code labels at varying distance (up to 13 inches).