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RP76II 76mm Impact Receipt Printer – Double color

RP76II 76mm Impact Receipt Printer – Double color


1. 4.4 lines/s high printing speed, support various language
2. Exquisite design, easy to use
3. Multiple interfaces: USB+Serial+Ethernet
4. Support black mark printing, compatible with ESC/POS
5. Cutter optional, support double color printing

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Weight 0.5 kg


Printing Performance Printing Method 9 pins serial impact dot matrix
Printing Density 210 dots (whole dots)/420 dots (half dots)
Effective Printing Width 42CPL(7 X 9)/35CPL(9 X 9)

40CPL(7 X 9)/33CPL(9 X 9)

Printing Speed 4.4 lines/sec
Detection Method Paper Out Alarm Support
Overheat Protection Support
Black Mark Printing Support
Interface Parameter Serial Interface DB-9 core socket
USB Interface Optional
Ethernet Interface Optional
Drawer Port DC24V, 1A, 6 line RJ-11 socket
Power Supply Parameter DC Power Supply


Input DC 24V/2.5A
Reliability MCBF 9 million lines
Ribbon Ribbon Cassette ERC-39 purple, black or red and black double ribbon
Printing Paper Paper Type High quality 1 layer ordinary continuous paper or 2-3 layers copy paper
Printing Width 76±0.5 mm
Paper Thickness Single-layer paper thickness: 0.06 ~ 0.085 mm

Multi-layer paper thickness: 0.05 to 0.08 mm, total thickness <0.20 mm

Paper Roll Diameter


Ф75 mm (Outside Diameter) / ф12 mm (Inside Diameter)
Loading Way Not easy loading, with auto feeding function
Cutting Way Manual tearing or auto cut
Physical Character


Operation Temperature/Humidity 0~50℃/10~80%(Relative humidity)
Storing Temperature/Humidity -20~60℃/10~90%(Relative humidity)
Outer Dimension (mm) 251×160×138(L×W×H)