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barcode label scale

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The Evolis High Trust® label

AURA – P6 – Remote 16-zone MatrixBus™


Zone Indicators
A maximum of sixteen zones are possible: 6 on board, 12 on
board with doubling and 16 with an additional expansion
module. The indicators can blink (indicating an open sensor
condition) or be on permanently (when the zone is violated) or
be off, depending on the status or mode or operation of the

RLS1000 Barcode Label Scale


1. Water-proof, moisture-proof, insect-resistant. Avoid bugs crawl into the machine, and all kinds of malfunctions causes such as wet.

2. Exquisite ,with drawable printer, easy to take out paper and replace paper, simple and convenient operation.

3. Support PLU updating on line and editing, ensure the item all the latest information.