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LONGI 540W – 1 Face


LONGI 540W – 1 Face


HI-MO 5m


  • Based on M10-182mm wafer, best choice for ultra-large power plants.
  • Advanced module technology delivers superior module efficiency.
  • Excellent outdoor power generation performance.
  • High module quality ensures long-term reliability.

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Mechanical Parameters

Layout: 144(6×24)

Junction box: Split junction box, IP68, 3 diodes

Weight: 27.5kg

Size: 2278×1134×35mm

Packaging: 31 pcs./pallet 155 pcs./20GP 620 pcs./40 GP



Optimized Module Size
M10 wafer and 54 cell design, fully considering the size and weight of modules in distributed applications

Smart Module Packaging and Logistics
Smart module packaging solutions are used to achieve high reliability, low-cost transportation and logistics.
Optimized Electrical Parameters

The working current is about 13A, which is perfectly adapted to mainstream string inverters.
Gallium-doped Technology

Gallium-doped technology overcomes LID degradation and guarantees the long-term power generation of the module.